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Pelvic Floor Workshop - Toned, Strong and Supported - Braunton

Franklin method Pelvic floor workshop- Strong, toned, supported.

Kendra Pilates Studio, Braunton- Friday 17th August 6-8pm

Our Pelvis is the incredibly important base for our Spine.

The Pelvic Floor acts as a dynamic support for our inner organs.

Many back, knee and foot problems can be relieved through better alignment of the pelvic bones and conscious training of the Pelvic Floor.

A toned and healthy pelvic floor supports you during pregnancy and post partum, it reduces incontinence and the risk of a prolapse.


In this workshop you will:

*Learn to clearly visualise and actively 'engage' your incredibly clever pelvic floor musculature. You will come away with a whole new appreciation for your pelvic floor and it's function.

*Learn Ball, Band and Imagery exercises to train and balance the Pelvic Joints and Muscles - learn how this can bring you out of pain and into flexibility and strength

*Experience effortless alignment and balance for the whole body

*Have access to a pelvic floor exercise video to practice as your weekly homework.


To book your place contact Claire on:


phone: 07904219085

Investment: £30