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Feet for life- organising your dynamic base. Kendra Pilates

  • Kendra Pilates Studio 3 Caen Field Braunton, England, EX33 1EG United Kingdom (map)

Feet for life, creating a dynamic base – Kendra Pilates

Sunday 23rd Oct 11am-3pm £50

Why do we have foot issues and what are the implications for knees, hips and posture?

Our feet carry us throughout our life, yet most of us are unaware of the amazing design that makes this possible. Learn the function of the foot in an experiential manner, and improve the agility and well being of your feet for all situations. Without strong and well-aligned feet, good posture cannot be attained and safe running and jumping is all but impossible.

To book, contact: or 0790421908


Experience the Franklin Method and learn:

Imagery and proprioception exercises that immediately improve the function of the feet

Exercises with therabands and Franklin Method balls to balance and strengthen the joints, muscles and ligaments of the feet and ankle improving the efficiency of the bones, tendons, muscles and joints for walking and jumping 

How to improve stability and balance in daily life 

The bone rhythm of the foot, leg and pelvis and how this will absorb force in walking and running