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Let Your Body Do the Talking

This is a series of monthly bitesize workshops to guide, support, encourage and inspire you to listen to your body’s way of communicating with you. To be the best you can be in this moment and every moment .

Your body is an amazing ever evolving, transforming, living, breathing vessel where you experience life as a human.

Understanding that your body has its own natural intelligence and through your life from conception to death - your thoughts, emotions, environment, and ancestral patternings can be held in your body as a coping mechanism.

Over the years, your body starts to show signs of dis-ease and although we have been told that our physical body is purely our physical body this is no longer the understanding. You are affected and get effected by many different contributing factors and when you allow a space within your everyday world – you can listen to your wisdom.

These workshops encourage you to be still, to feel what your body is telling you and through group participation (though you do not share your story - as this is not the intention) in the form of group kinesiology, these emotions, thoughts, beliefs which are now no longer of benefit to you - can transform in a space which is held, supported, sacred, non-judgement and love.

Areas being covered where you may be unconsciously blocking yourselves are:-
- Abundance; Being open to receive, life, love, money, nourishment

We can only nourish and receive nourishment in the form of physical nutrients, love, happiness, joy, bliss, friendships only if we are open to receiving.

Please note this is in not counselling, as no talking about your story has to occur, emotions/thoughts/events/beliefs are all energy, vibrating at different frequencies, speeds and levels of coherency – the intention of these workshops are to transform what is appropriate to be transformed and working within a group allows the transformation to happen swifty, deeply through the energy of the group.

Later Event: July 19
Let Your Body Do the Talking