"Having attended your Pilates classes for just over a year now, I thought it was worth putting into words the benefits I have experienced.
Last year at the age of 72, having just recovered from an operation for Spondilitis of the spine, I was feeling rather depressed. I saw your advert in EX33 for Pilates for older people and decided to 'give it a go'!
I can only say that the effort was well worth it! I am amazed at how flexible my body has become. I feel so much stronger and more positive in myself!
Thanks to Ruth and Tom, I found the classes easy on the mind and very comfortable to take part in. I am now looking forward to the future and also continuing with the classes.

If there is anyone out there who thinks they are too old or nothing can be done, THINK AGAIN! 

Get along to Kendra Pilates and give it a go!"

- John Walter

"Having attended regular Pilates classes for several years I am happy to recommend them to anyone who requires an exercise system to enhance and improve their physical fitness.

If you find exercise repetitive and boring you will appreciate the difference with the Pilates system because your level of concentration is fully employed during an exercise session.

Try one hour per week with Kendrapilates and experience the benefits of increased flexibility and mobility plus an increase in your sense of well-being."

- John Taylor, Braunton

Rachael is a caring and gifted teacher who encourages and inspires all in her class regardless of age or previous experience.

Movement in my left shoulder was limited and painful but with regular classes and support from Rachael I now have full range of movement with the added bonus of having lost 3 stone in weight!
I now have more flexibility and increased stamina. Once upon a time an hour of exercise used to last a lifetime and I couldn't wait for it to finish, but with Rachael's class the hour passes too quickly. Thanks to Rachael I have taken back control of my body.

 - Linda Ackroyd, Braunton

Seven months ago I broke my wrist which as a surfer is a bit of a disaster. It has given me problems ever since despite trying various physio excersises and splints. A friend recommended kendra Pilates to me and I have to say I am glad they did.

Having a specific injury I decided to have a few personal lessons.

From the start I was very impressed with Rachel's approach. She is very knowledgeable and tailored a program to suit my needs. She utilised a number of techniques including some from the franklin school and I have seen a real improvement.

I managed to get back in the water for a surf last week which has been a huge breakthrough for me. Rachael is very holistic in her approach and I think this has been key to the progress I have made. She has great energy and enthusiasm and this has really helped me think more positively. As well as improving my symptoms I have seen real benefit in flexibility and core strength.

I am massively grateful to Rachael and would recommend Kendra Pilates to anyone. Not only for injury rehabilitation but also for core strength,fitness and challenging yourself to think more positively!

- GP, Barnstaple

My 15 year old son Dan, has cerebral palsy and suffers with cerebral palsy. His main problems are spasticity of the muscles and difficulties with mobility.
Tom has been working with Dan using Pilates to help develop his core strength, balance and Co ordination, tailoring the exercises to suit Dan's needs and limitations. I have seen Daniel's mobility improve to the extent that he can now walk short distances using walking sticks. I can see that his muscle tone has developed and his posture is straighter.
As each month goes by I see more improvements, Dan can now walk further with much better balance and Co ordination. The stretching exercises are an important element I his programme and again Tom has adapted them to suit Dan's condition.

Dan is growing in confidence and feels more positive about his future and leading an independent life.

- Sally, Portsmouth

I found the class this morning very interesting. It's amazing to learn how the body works and what we can do to help ourselves function correctly without stress. I find any exercise I do keeps me calm and happy, hence I do as much as I can.

 - Elizabeth, North Devon

If you want to strengthen your body and calm your mind, take my advice and join one of the Kendra Pilates classes!

As someone who always hated the idea of exercise, I never thought I could have so much fun getting fit without also getting hot, sweaty and breathless. Try it! I guarantee you’ll love it – and Rachael and the team!

- Pat Maxey, Gloucestershire

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