Cardiovascular fitness is so important for the health of your heart and lungs, it improves circulation and keeps you strong, fit and full of energy.

Pilates is a safe way of toning your body all over, and the fitness aspect of the class, although intense at time, is specially designed to protect you back and knees and keep you moving biomechanically efficiently.

 The classes vary and are tailored to whoever is attending - but typically consist of 45mins Dynamic Pilates and Cardiovascular work, followed by a long cool down and a flexibility series.

Who is Cardio Pilates for?

  • Preferably people who are currently injury free. If you have an injury a Beginners/General Pilates class could be perfect for you.
  • People wanting to tone, get into great shape, have more energy, more strength and flexibility
  • It is a great Cardiovascular addition to your weekly Pilates class


Booked in a block- typically £56 for 6 weeks.