Rewire your brain to create your dream body.. by Rachael Hall

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Rewire Your Brain To Create Your Dream Body


The human brain is incredibly plastic… Not literally of course but this metaphor does do the brain justice in terms of how it behaves. The old school of thought was that the brain is hardwired from birth and that it was not possible to change how a person’s brain is wired. We know now that this is incredibility in-accurate and isn’t congruent with today’s science. 

The science is called neuroplasticity and I’ve spoken about this science in my videos and live workshops before. Neuroplastiicty is essentially the science of how the brain produces change. If you take up a new skill such as ballet, over time your brain will start to rewire to support the new activity. This ‘rewiring’ involves creating new neural pathways and strengthening pre-existing neural pathways to improve your co-ordination, rhythm, timing and balance. Of course there is a more physical element where you’ll become fitter and stronger, but this is still not possible without the adaptable qualities of the nervous system. 

So if we have this truly magical super power to produce long lasting positive change in our mind, body and life, how come most people aren’t successful in manifesting their dream lives and bodies?… 

Well one reason is because a lot of people don’t even know their brain has the ability to completely transform their lives. Another reason (and the reason I’m more interested in exploring) is because most people don’t know how to harness this power

‘Knowing that something works, doesn’t mean you know how it works’


Today I’m going to share with you one of the best tools to rewire your brain to achieve your dream body or any goal you want in life. It’s a tool that I use every day and it’s as simple as it is effective.


RAS Reticular Activation System

We all have a system built into our neurology that is designed to detect value. It’s called reticular activation system - RAS. It’s a survival mechanism. Every second of your life your brain has to filter through around 11 million pieces of information. The chemical changes in your gut, thecarbon dioxide in the air, the amount of muscle tonus needed in your left upper trapezius ect… An insane amount of information!

If you were conscious of all this information you simply wouldn’t be able to function properly in daily life. Simple things like making a cup of tea would become impossible. So to allow you to function in daily life, your brain has a ‘gate keeper’ between your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind. This gatekeeper is called RAS. To truly appreciate how little you are consciously aware of imagine your living room, the walls, chairs, floor, pieces of art ect.. Now imagine your living room is in complete darkness and all you have is a small laser pen. imagine the laser pen is directed at the leg of a chair and it only is able to expose the bottom corner of the leg of the chair. What the laser pen is able to expose in relation to the rest of the room is how much you are able to consciously be aware of as you go through life. 98% of your life experience is in your sub-concious!

So your conscious mind (for survival purposes) mostly focuses on what is valuable. Danger has an inherent value as you need to avoid it to survive, this is what most people’s conscious mind is focused on, avoiding danger. Now this is fine if you’re a cave man/woman living in the jungle as dangers such as lions or snakes were a reality back then, but in the 21st century most of us don’t need to be worried about hungry lions or snakes on a daily basis… Hopefully anyway!

Unfortunately this emphasis on avoiding danger puts people in a prevention mind set rather than a promotion mind set. This prevention mind set is natural and unfortunately can cause the mind to engage in negative thinking. If you follow my work you know how much I’ve spoken about how you can ‘do’ all the right things but if your mindset is not in alignment with your actions, it’s most likely their will be no long term positive change. To achieve your goals in relationships, fitness or business you need to rewire your brain from a prevention mindset (survival tactic) to a promotion mindset (thriving tactic). Here’s how you do it….


Selective Focus Diary

The first hour of your day will set the theme for the rest of your day. When you wake up, before you check your social media, emails or texts I want you to go to your Selective Focus Diary and write down the 3 most important things you want/need to focus on that day. This might be that you need to go to the gym today or you need to make eat your Superhuman breakfast or you’re going to make that phone call you’ve been putting off. Whatever it is (and make sure it’s contributing to your goals) write it down first thing in the morning. When you write something down before engaging in other daily activities, you’re telling your brain that ‘this is important and we need to focus on this today’. 

By consistently doing this every day for weeks and months, it will inspire your brain to start to focus on opportunities rather than risks. The key is to do this every day and to implement the things you write down. By consistently taking action in the direction of your goals your brain will begin to change to support the new proactive patterns. Eventually your brain will naturally gravitate to the things that help you rather than putting them off and procrastinating. 

 ‘Your brain responds to consistent action’

Who is up for joining me in writing a selective focus journal? Even If you don't manage to do it EVERY day.. it's a really great habit to get into! How about we aim to write in our SF journal everyday for the next week to see if it supports us to reach our daily goals!?


‘Practise doesn’t make perfect, practise makes permanent’ - Eric Franklin 

Have a great week, 

love, Rachael x